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Big Bash League 2019-20 is going to start very soon and maximum the details about this tournament will be available on this website itself. Nothing out of these informations are made up which also adds up to the fact that every single article on this website is not made without collective research and survey. A lot of articles such as match cards, match details, points table, match predictions and many more are available in a very easy format which is not only understandable but also easily transmittable to people would like to share information with.

If any of the article has “we”, it refers to the whole team of the website and if you find “you” anywhere, refers to the viewers of the article or the website in general. The only reason to do this is the intimacy between the reader and the writer which makes more interesting to read.

The terms and conditions are basically to make the readers aware of how this website works and what are the problems they might have to face if they take certain risky steps. Most importantly, this is very important for building the relation between the whole team of the website and the readers of the website. Mutual coordination according to the terms and conditions will be much appreciated.

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Terms Of Use:

Every single thing on this website is subject to the following terms of use:

  1. The content that is available in the pages are for the personal information only and can change anytime without notice. No act of favoritism or sponsorship is promoted by us.


  1. There is no guarantee that the information that is given in the article is absolutely accurate for any particular purpose of the website. All the articles are written in general and every other person can have different perceptions of it. Acknowledging the information and materials is what we expect from everyone of you guys and we are not liable for any inaccuracy or any sort of errors which is what is permitted by law itself.


  1. If you try to use the information of this website in any other website for sharing among your friends, you should do it at your own risk. There are no technical risks basically and it will not harm anything. More details about it is given in the privacy policy. The products, services or information which would be transmitted by you and which meets your specific requirements shall be your own responsibility.


  1. The logos and trademarks used in the website belongs to the owner and plagiarizing those might fetch you trouble which is not very probable but one should not ignore the facts.


  1. Time and again, this website might include links to other websites and once you leave our website to reach to another, it is not our responsibility anymore. They might have different privacy policies or different terms and conditions which is what you should be aware of, before taking massive and risky steps. Also, it is not necessary that we endorse the websites. There are you chances that the websites which are linked only for better transmission of information to the readers. The content of the linked websites are not our responsibility at all.