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The Big Bash League 2019-20 is the ninth edition of the very famous Australian T20 league. It is also going to start very soon and that is the reason when maximum information that we can avail from the internet as well as from other sources are compiled and given in this website for the convenience of the readers. Every article that is here under this website has been written very carefully and in such a manner that the readers do not only gain knowledge but also find it very interesting to read and share among their friends. Before doing so however, it is very necessary that you understand who we are and the privacy policy that we follow.

The main reason for this is nothing but building a better and more intimate relation between the owners of the website and the readers of the website.

Who Are We?

We are a website which is built up for giving out information and keeping the cricket fans much more updated about the Big Bash League 2019-20. What matters to us most is the privacy of all of our visitors which is this privacy policy document has been made.

What Personal Data We Collect And Why?

The maximum personal data that we would ever ask is your name and your email address and their reasons behind it also. Email address is taken by us for sending newsletters, notifications and future updates which will keep you aware of what’s happening around in this website as well as the tournament. No spanning is done by us and one should feel free to give their email address.

The name and the email address is not given publicised by us, hence nobody should think twice before giving us that information. We only take these informations when you register on our site, subscribe to our newsletter, fill out a form or comment on any of the article of the site. One would not be able to do any of these things without giving their name and email address. On the other hand, if you just want to read the articles on our website, you can do it anonymously and we would not ask for any information from you whatsoever. It is obvious that most users would not be giving out their name and email address.

What Is Our Use With Your Information?

Personalizing the user experience and sending periodic emails are the main purposes of taking your information. You will receive emails to keep yourself updated about what is new on the website and so on which is going to do nothing but improve your experience on this website.

Also, when you comment, to collect the data in order to be detect spam.

The Information Collected

  1. Information about your operating system, mobile device and browser.


  1. IP address, internet service provider and geographical location.


  1. The content you have viewed on the website, your connection speed and the time of visit.


  1. The time of registration, referring site, app or any service and children’s privacy.


The advertisements that show on our website may use your cookies and web beacons. We have no control over these third-party advertisers and you should be aware of what you are clicking on. Privacy policy of advertising website should be checked.

External Links

The articles available on this website may have links to other websites but once you have moved to that website, you must be aware of their privacy policies. They might not match with the privacy policies of our website and if something goes wrong, it shall not be our responsibility.